The Art of the Remix

'The Art of the Remix' is a comprehensive professional remixing course taught by multi-platinum producer and remixer, Vincent di Pasquale (Madonna, Nelly Furtado, Mariah Carey) along with world-renowned DJ and remixer, Steven Lee (Lee Cabrera). Together they flatten the learning curve and unlock the secrets of creating a cutting-edge, modern remix.

Who is it for?
The Art of the Remix is for anyone interested in learning how a multi-platinum producer remixes a record from start to finish. All aspects of remixing & producing are covered and because we use an 'actual' project that was released to the market, it pushes the envelope of both technical skill & creativity. Every step multi-platinum producer Vincent di Pasquale makes in his studio, you make as well, which allows us to create a course that is both challenging and inspiring. This entire experience will enhance any producer at any level!

What will you learn?
The course starts with dissecting the original song and explaining the importance of tempo in a remix. From there, you’ll learn how to time-stretch vocals and create signature vocal edits that stand out. Then, we’ll explore the foundation of any remix, the beat and the bass, and we’ll complete each step of the process together, all the way through to the finished mix. When you complete the course, you will have the foundation and tools to start remixing songs from scratch.

Module Details

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Setting Up the Project
  • 3. Finding the Tempo
  • 4. Finding the Tempo 2
  • 5. Listening to the Original
  • 6. Finding the Key
  • 7. Time Stretching
  • 8. Basic Beat
  • 9. Basic Beat 2
  • 10. Signature Loops
  • 11. Apple Loops
  • 12. Bassline Part 1
  • 13. Bassline Part 2
  • 14. Bassline Part 3
  • 15. Getting Organized
  • 16. Musical Elements
  • 17. Feature Sounds
  • 18. Musical Accents
  • 19. Sound FX Part 1
  • 20. Sound FX Part 2
  • 21. Introduction to Arrangement
  • 22. Arrangement Part 1
  • 23. Arrangement Part 2
  • 24. Arrangement Part 3
  • 25. Vocal Arrangement Part 1
  • 26. Vocal Arrangement Part 2A
  • 27. Vocal Arrangement Part 2B
  • 28. Vocal Arrangement Part 3
  • 29. Finishing the Arrangement
  • 30. Finishing the Arrangement Part 2
  • 31. Staying Organized
  • 32. Finishing the Mix
  • 33. In the Box
  • 34. Out the Box
  • 35. Refining the Mix - SendFX
  • 36. Refining the Mix - Drums Part 1
  • 37. Refining the Mix - Drums Part 2
  • 38. Refining the Mix - Bass
  • 39. Refining the Mix - Musical Elements
  • 40. Refining the Mix - The Vocals
  • 41. Automation Part 1
  • 42. Automation Part 2
  • 43. Final Passes
  • 44. Conclusion
  • 45. Bonus V09 Update 1
  • 46. Bonus V09 Update 2
  • 47. Bonus V09 Update 3
  • 48. Bonus V09 Update 4
  • 49. Bonus V09 Update 5
  • 50. Bonus Remixing: The DJ Perspective Part 1
  • 51. Bonus Remixing: The DJ Perspective Part 2
  • 52. Bonus Remixing: The DJ Perspective Part 3
Author Vincent Di Pasquale
Contains Videos, source files
Format Streaming
Length 7 hours
Level all levels
Provider FaderPro
Price $94.64

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Steve Smith from Dirty Vegas

…such an insightful project and tutorial. You’re doing great work helping musicians and producers explore the art form we know as… The Remix.

November 2012
Reviewed by Jimmy Douglass

Vincent is a producer, a teacher and a master at his studio craft. His knowledge of Logic Pro is second to none, and he always continues to learn more and teach others around him how he has mastered this software.

November 2012
Reviewed by Virtual Music Magazine

The Art of Remix is the remix bible for all budding producers giving a step by step instructional tutorial that enables your creativity to flow; a must have studio tool

November 2012
Reviewed by Dr. Gerhard Lengeling

It was amazing. Vincent really goes one point to another, so it’s easy to understand. I was very impressed and it’s really hands-on.

November 2012
Reviewed by Music Tech Magazine

This is the kind of in-depth tutorial all dance music producers have been waiting for: a step-by-step tutorial that says “do this, then do this… and you’ll end up with that” Superb!

November 2012

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