Progressive Psytrance by PsiloCybian

Are you unable to create an awesome Progressive Psytrance track?
Are you struggling to master those Progressive Psytrance tricks?
We have the tools you need:

* Kick Drum Synthesis
* Progressive Bass Creation
* Bass Re-Sampling
* Using Master & Send Effects
* In-depth drum set-ups, drum programming and adding multiple effects
* Creating Sylenth Synth Patches
* Lead Sound Processing
* Processing and mastering using EQ, compression, limiting and more...

This course teaches you everything you need to know to create a professional Progressive Psytrance track from beginning to end.

If you are having problems with your production then you need this course. It covers everything you need to know and will answer all of your questions about Progressive Psytrance production.

The course is over 6 hours long and is made using Ableton Live. It has also been followed successfully using Cubase 5 and Cubase 6.5 so there are no issues translating the course to any other DAWS.

The course contains 9 streaming tutorial videos along with downloadable original samples files, patch files, the full Ableton project file, plus individual wav files of the complete mastered and un-mastered track.

Module Details

  • 1. Kick
    This video shows you how to synthesise your own kick drums using Native Instrument's Massive, Lennar Digital Sylenth, Synapse Dune CM, Logics Ultrabeat, Rob Papen's Punch and Psilocybian's own Ableton Kick Rack.
  • 2. Kick & Bass
    In this video we show you how to add further processing to the kick drum. We also show you how to create your bass sound and use further processing to get a rich full sound. We also show you re-sampling of the bass note for clean programming and stable bass notes.
  • 3. Project Set-Up
    This tutorial shows you how to set up master effects and send effects for your track.
  • 4. Drums
    This section of the course is vast, showing you how to set up all drums, drum sounds and percussion. With multiple effects, programming and creation, this is a very in-depth and detailed section of the course.
  • 5. Synths
    In this video you are taught how to make some synth patches using Sylenth. This video, at over 2 hours long, also shows you all the processing required to make your lead sounds fit in to the mix and sound big as well as sharp.
  • 6. Effects
    This section shows you how to create a multitude of different effects using several techniques including noise ramps, kick drops, filter sweeps and much more.
  • 7. Mixdown
    This section shows you how to do a basic track mixdown including volume mix, panning and group mixing.
  • 8. Arrangement
    This section teaches you how to create the track arrangement from start to finish. At over 1 hour and 20 minutes this section comprehensively explains everything you need to be able to create an exciting and flowing arrangement for your track.
  • 9. Mastering
    This video teaches you how to export the track ready for the mastering stage. You are taught how to enhance the tracks full quality using EQ, compression, limiting and some other techniques to get your track sounding as good as any commercial tune.
Author PsiloCybian
Contains Videos, Ableton project files, audio files
Format Streaming
Length 6 hours 47 mins
Level Beginners - Intermediate
Provider Soundmagus
Price $79.00

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