Learning Acoustic Guitar

Start playing guitar today with international recording and touring artist Charles Sedlak. Learning chords, strumming techniques, arpeggios and progressions have never been as fun or as easy to understand as you will find in these fully interactive and truly entertaining videos!

Now You Can Discover:

Tuning, chords, strumming techniques, arpeggios, blues progressions, and more!

The course contains 100 minutes of streaming videos, 2 downloadable ebooks and mp3s for you to practise with.

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Module Details

  • 1. Introduction
    Charles Sedlak give you an introduction into your journey into learning how to play the acoustic guitar.
  • 2. Tuning
    Charles will show you step by step how to tune your guitar by ear and with a digital tuner.
  • 3. Parts of the Guitar
    Any questions you may have had about the parts of your guitar are explained.
  • 4. Sitting Positions
    There are a few different positions that acoustic guitarists use. Charles will demonstrate them to help you find out which one may be comfortable for you.
  • 5. Holding the Pick
    One of the key elements in playing the acoustic guitar clearly and with confidence starts with learning how to properly hold the pick.
  • 6. Finger Placement
    A strong foundation of proper finger placement is illustrated step by step.
  • 7. Chords
    Learn to play your first set of the most commonly used guitar chords. These include a variety of Major, Minor and Seventh chords.
  • 8. Switching Chords
    Now that you have learned the fingering of your beginner chords, Charles will show you how to switch back and forth between these chords as you're learning how to play songs.
  • 9. Strumming
    Learn various strumming patterns to add a more musical shape to your playing.
  • 10. Arpeggios
    When you play a chord note-by-note that's called an arpeggio. Charles will show you how.
  • 11. Fingerpicking
    As your playing confidence builds you will learn how to play without using a guitar pick.
  • 12. Blues Progressions / Closing Credits
    Charles shows you a quick step-by-step blues progression that you can play to help increase your dexterity and easy playing along the fretboard.
  • 13. Bonus: Moveable Blues Scale
    Charles show you a chord pattern that you can move into various keys depending on who you'r playing with.
  • 14. Bonus: Pentatonic Scales
    The basis of any guitar playing tutorial delves into learning the foundation of playing the standard pentatonic scale.
Author Charles Sedlak
Contains Videos, mp3s, 2 ebooks
Format Streaming
Length 1 hour 40 mins
Level Beginners
Provider Live to Jam
Price $23.70

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