All Stars Of Rock Guitar

All Stars of Rock Guitar features over 3 hours of lessons from four guitar masters including:
George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob)
Bruce Kulick (KISS, Grand Funk Railroad)
Jennifer Batten (Solo Artist, Michael Jackson Band, Jeff Beck Band)
Darrell Roberts (Five Finger Death Punch, W.A.S.P)

Each artist discusses their influences and demonstrates some of their signature techniques along with very informative lead guitar and songwriting methods.

Learn advanced tapping and playing techniques with Jennifer, lead guitar and song structures with Bruce as well as metal licks and rhythm techniques with Darrell. You will also watch George lay down lead tracks for his upcoming solo release.

Module Details

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Joe Diorio and Jeff Beck
    Jennifer Batten discusses and illustrates her two main guitar influences: Jeff Beck and Joe Diorio.
  • 3. Rhythmic Tapping
    Jennifer demonstrates the freedom to do rhythmic tapping using two hands on some of her solo songs.
  • 4. Chordal Harmonics
    Using chord structures to find, experiment and tap out harmonics on your guitar.
  • 5. Pentatonic Tapping
    Using both hands to play and tap minor pentatonic patterns.
  • 6. String Skipping
    Jennifer displays some dizzying out of the box string skipping techniques.
  • 7. A Minor Tapping
    Jennifer illustrates some of her tapping and string skipping patterns using the a minor scale.
  • 8. Robben Ford & Steve Morse
    Jennifer discusses how she studied the techniques of Robben Ford & Steve Morse.
  • 9. Channeling Ideas
    What Jennifer uses as inspiration for song ideas.
  • 10. Rhythm Styles
    Darrell Roberts talks about his influences the evolution to his Heavy Metal rhythm style.
  • 11. Right Hand Muting
    Darrell talk about the proper technique for right hand muting.
  • 12. Constructing Solos
    The steps that Darrell uses while constructing his solos.
  • 13. Live Gear
    Darrell Roberts Breaks Down His Live Gear.
  • 14. Signature Licks
    Darrell Roberts demonstrates some of his signature licks.
  • 15. Warm Up Exercises
    Warm up exercises for the beginning guitar player.
  • 16. Bruce Kulick - Early Influences
    Bruce Kulick talks about the guitar players that influenced his guitar playing.
  • 17. Townsend, Hendrix , Clapton & Page
    Bruce demonstrates some of the signature playing styles of Pete Townsend, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton & Jimmy Page.
  • 18. Team Players
    Important tips for playing with a band.
  • 19. Pair Of Dice
    Bruce show you how to play his song 'Pair of Dice'.
  • 20. Jump The Shark
    Bruce show you how to play his song 'Jump The Shark'.
  • 21. George Lynch - Early Influences
    George Lynch talks about the guitar players that influenced his guitar playing.
  • 22. The Technical Guitarist
    George talks about the 70's and the dawn of the technical guitar player.
  • 23. Morphing Influences
    George talks about combining the styles of his contemporaries into his own style.
  • 24. Songwriting
    George discusses his approach to crafting songs.
  • 25. Solos
    George discusses his approach to crafting solos.
  • 26. Studio & Live Gear
    George talks about the gear he uses in the studio and on the road.
Author Various
Contains Videos (streaming)
Format Streaming
Length Over 3 hours
Level Intermediate
Provider Live to Jam
Price $25.20

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kevin Theiss

Really Good course. I would call it more inspirational than a standard "How To". Each artist really delves into what goes on in their head when they are coming up with their solos and song structures. I highly doubt I will ever reach the playing ability of Jennifer Batten, but it is cool to see her play with an actual explanation behind it. What hasn't already been said about George Lynch? The guy is a legend. Bruce Kulick of KISS shows how to play complete songs from one of his solo records and they have Darrell Roberts from Five Finger Death Punch show some of his tips and techniques. Darrell is more "new school" low tuning metal so they give you a little bit of everything in here. If "fast riff groove metal" is your thing, I suggest picking up Five Finger Death Punch, they are great.

February 2013

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