AbletonDJ Essentials Course

The Essentials Course is a complete course of video tutorials that teaches you how to use and DJ with Ableton Live. You'll not only learn how to use the software, but also how to become an exceptional DJ.

The easy to follow style makes it perfect for the beginner and the content goes deeper providing a complete guide to using and understanding Ableton Live.

All the tutorials are clearly written, and then delivered with a pleasant female voice to make sure that you learn the information in the most efficient way.

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Module Details

  • 1. Installation
    This tutorial will explain about the available versions of Live, how to install onto Windows, how to install onto Mac, authorisation procedure, problems with installation and updates.
  • 2. Audio Setup
    This tutorial will explain how to set up your soundcard / audio interface, how ASIO drivers work, how latency and buffer size works, how to test your soundcard performance and how to set up channel configuration.
  • 3. First Steps
    This tutorial will explain how to open the set, how session view works, how to launch clips, how to launch scenes, how arrangement view works, how to edit in arrangement view, when to use each view, gives a tour of the main screen, and introduces effects and the crossfader.
  • 4. Session View
    This tutorial will explain how to set up your tracks, how to import clips, how to launch clips, how the stop buttons work, how to use scenes, how global quantise works, what controls are in the right click menu, and how space bar and full screen mode work.
  • 5. Arrangement View
    This tutorial will explain when to use arrangement view, setting up tracks, how to import clips, arrangement position, how follow works, what options are available through the right click menu, how automation, clip overview and the scrub area work, how back to arrangement works and about common problems found between views.
  • 6. Mixer
    This tutorial will explain how to set up your inputs and outputs, introduces sends and returns, how to use the mixer, track delay, how to use the crossfader and the differences between views.
  • 7. Browser
    This tutorial will explain how to use the device browser, how to use hotswap mode, how to use the plug in device browser, how to use the file browsers, and how to use the preview function and the library.
  • 8. Clip View and Audio Clips
    This tutorial will explain how all the settings in clip view and the audio clip window work. This includes how to use grooves, how to use the clip nudge function, clip settings, how to use the gain, how to set start / end points for the clip and how to use the clip waveform and the scrub area.
  • 9. Warping
    This tutorial will explain how to warp a short audio file or loop, how to add warp markers, how to warp a full song, how to check your warping, how to set up the introduction, gain, start / end markers and how to correct phase problems and jumps off vinyl.
  • 10. Warp Settings
    This tutorial will explain how the seg BPM works, when to use the half / double BPM buttons, what warp modes are available: beats, tones, texture, re-pitch, complex and complex Pro; and when to warp and loop clips.
  • 11. Physical Connections
    This tutorial will explain how to set up using a standard DJ mixer, how to mix solely within Live, how to connect to a MIDI controller, how to use Live's cueing system, cue monitoring and crossfader and how to do simple mixes.
  • 12. Hands-On Control
    This tutorial will explain how to use external MIDI controllers with Live, how to use key map mode and how to use MIDI Map Mode.
  • 13. How to Mix 1
    This tutorial will explain how to mix using blends, how to do blends using faders, how to do cuts, cutting back and forth, and how to do a slow fade and cut.
  • 14. How to Mix 2
    This tutorial will explain how to control peaking, how to control the volume across the crossfader, how to use EQ, EQ 3, how to do a simple blend using EQ, how to swap basslines over, how to mix different elements of tunes together and how to slam in the bass.
  • 15. Track Layout
    This tutorial will explain the different ways of laying your tracks and clips out on the screen: all laid out on screen, organised by genre, organised by tempo, harmonic mixing code, alternative layouts, importing from browser as you go and importing sets.
  • 16. Navigation and Outro
    This tutorial will explain how to navigate through your song using warp markers, highlighting key moments in a track, positioning warp markers, how to make outro loops and how to adjust loops.
  • 17. Launching Clips and Follow Actions
    This tutorial will explain how to use the launch modes: trigger, gate, toggle and repeat. It also explains how to use legato, how quantisation works, how to use follow actions to create variation, follow actions settings, probabilities and how to record your changes into arrangement view.
  • 18. Audio Effects
    This tutorial will explain how to use the following effects: EQ 3, auto-filter, beat repeat, how to use presets, how to use the hot-swap button, stutter effect, auto-pan, fade to grey, how to use 3rd party plug ins, glitch, how to use master track effects, limiter, how to use insert effects, how the signal flow works, how to use send effects, and how wet and dry works.
  • 19. File Management
    This tutorial will explain about file management, which file formats are supported, how the decoding cache works, how to save files, which file formats to use, how to bypass digital rights management, how to rip CDs, how the analysis file works and how to save and back up.
  • 20. Performing Live
    This tutorial will explain how to prepare before a live gig and what to do when you get there. It will look at what to do before you arrive, listening to the soundsystem in a venue, what screen resolution to use, what latency / buffer settings to choose, doing a reliability test, CPU tips, what equipment to take, taking backup music, getting ready to perform, tips for during performing and trouble shooting.
  • 21. Digital DJ Licence (UK only)
    This tutorial will explain about supporting the artists making music, the Digital DJ licence for DJs performing within the UK, the number of songs covered, how it's enforced and how to keep up to date with developments.
Contains Videos, samples, project files, PDF
Format Streaming
Length 3 hours 30 mins
Level Beginners - Intermediate
Provider AbletonDJ
Price $39.42

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Mzoshopro from Pietermaritzburg

Ur course are awesome they stimulate and improve my technics of masturing music into a master peace.

February 2014
Reviewed by Jerome aka J'Kid from London UK

I started the DjCourse and found it very helpful, as it has helped me understand the in's and out's to becoming a DJ. It has helped me clean up my mixes and made feel very confident to mix. I have to give these guys a big thank you for the help.

April 2013
Reviewed by DJ Jackflash from Devon, UK

Before I started the Ableton DJ Course, I found Ableton to be very confusing like a lot of DJ's who have had no prior computer / console DJ experience. Ableton DJ course has allowed me to develop an in-depth knowledge and understanding of Ableton and many of its capabilities. The videos and content provided are straight talking, well scripted and visually easy to understand. Within no time at all I was mixing.

February 2013
Reviewed by Matt Hamilton

I am really enjoying using the course, it’s jam packed with great information and I really like the voice too - she is very pleasant to hear.

February 2013

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