Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar

What would it mean to you if you could play Texas Blues Guitar like the Legends?
This new course will show you everything you need to know to play like a Master Texas Blues Guitarist!

Stevie Ray Vaughn, Johnny Winter, Hubert Sumlin, Albert Collins, Freddy King... Each of these players use various repeatable patterns and signature licks to create their own unique signature sound and style.
Now, with The Secrets of Texas Blues Guitar, you can learn all the tips, tricks and techniques that will have you sounding like the Masters while helping you to create your own signature sound! This logical, practical and fun course will take the mystery out of playing Texas Blues Guitar...

Here's what you'll receive when you get the complete course:
- Over 7 hours of in-depth, yet easy to learn video (streaming)
- A 60+ page downloadable Ebook (PDF) complete with chord and scale diagrams, easy to read tablature, examples, completely transcribed solos, 46 Red-Hot Texas Blues Licks (each lick is broken down exhaustively for better, faster learning), and informative and helpful hints
- Downloadable audio tracks (mp3s) covering exercises and examples, scales, chords, rhythm and backing tracks (recorded in split channels so you have the option of playing with or without solos or rhythm)

*Bonus material*
* Extra videos: practicing the right way + tips, tricks & techniques
* Extra audio content
* Progress Tracker

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Module Details

  • 1. Introduction, Gear, and Minor Pentatonic Scale
    - Basic overview of Texas Blues: How to set up your guitar, which strings and picks to use, how to set up your amp, and which effects you can use such as: Distortion, Rotary, Tube-screamer, Reverb, & Delay.
    - Covers recommended pickups, and which configurations -- like bridge-only, neck-only, or a combination of both -- work best for the type of sound you're looking for.
  • 2. Practice Techniques
    - Begins with 8 simple practice patterns and 5 box-positions of the Pentatonic scale.
    - Covers how to practice the right and wrong way and includes examples to make practice fun and engaging.
  • 3. Major Pentatonic and Blues Scales
    - You'll learn the Major Pentatonic scale and you'll see exactly how it's related to its Minor counterpart.
    - Learn why the box-shapes of the Minor and Major Pentatonic scales are identical.
    - Introduction to the Blues Scale.
    - And, most importantly, you'll learn what makes them all different and how to apply them to your playing.
  • 4. Licks 1-17
    In this video, and the next 2 modules, you will:
    - Learn 46 classic Texas Lead Licks.
    - Learn exactly where each lick comes from. Which box position it's in, and how to create your own licks, either from scratch, or by just changing a few notes.
    - Learn how to combine licks from the different positions to play a complete lead break.
    - Learn how to recognize repeatable patterns in long solos so you can easily break them down into bite-sized licks for easier comprehension and greater learning.
    - Learn bending techniques like quarter bends, half bends, full bends, one-and-a half bends, double-bends, ghost/pre-bends, and slide into bends (a signature Stevie Ray Vaughan technique).
    - Learn how to use double-stops, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and vibrato techniques.
    - Learn full-blown Blues solos, in any key, anywhere on the fretboard!
  • 5. Licks 18-22
  • 6. Licks 23-35
  • 7. Licks 36-46 and Major Chords
    In this video, and the next, you will:
    - Learn 25 Must-Know Blues Chords.
    - Learn the most important Dominant 7th, 9th, 13th chords in both open and closed position.
    - Discover the chords used in Minor Blues like the minor-seventh and minor-ninth, and we'll cover favorite chords like the Stevie-Ray version of the Em7, Dominant 9 flat 5, and the the Dominant 7 sharp 9 that Jimi Hendrix often used.
    - Put all these chords into action in real songs.
    - Learn essential Blues rhythms like the Texas-Hop, the Shuffle Blues and the Tin-Pin Style.
    - Learn fast-paced Texas style songs, as well as slow versions of the Minor Blues.
  • 8. Minor Chords and Rhythm
  • 9. Bonus: Tips, Tricks & Techniques
    This great video, which covers the following, is included in ALL the Texas blues courses!
    - Bring everything together.
    - Further breakdown of techniques discussed in other videos.
    - You'll learn how to be more expressive in your playing.
    - Discover the subtle, often unnoticed details of what separates a good player from a great player.
    - And start to develop your own, unique style.
  • 10. Bonus: Texas Rake
    Learn a great practice technique I call 'Weaving' that will have your fingers memorizing scale shapes in no time. Also, I'll show you how to take just one standard Blues lick and spice it up using three popular Blues techniques.
    Apply these techniques to other licks you already know and look like a musical genius to your friends!
  • 11. Bonus: 3 Red-Hot Licks
    A primer to my '46 Licks & Solos' section of the complete course and the mini-course of the same name, these 3 Red-Hot Licks are a great addition to any Blues guitarist's bag of tricks! You're sure to amaze your audience with these blistering licks!
  • 12. Bonus: Repeating Lick Patterns
    Learn the key to dissecting huge solos! Ever wanted to play a blistering Texas Blues solo but saw that the whole thing was so overwhelming that it made you not even want to try to learn it?
    Well, no more, because in this video I'll show you one of the most important techniques to breaking long solos down and making them a breeze to learn!
  • 13. Bonus: Texas Hop
    Here's one of my favorite rhythms to play around with. It's inspired by the late-great Texas Blues Legend: Stevie Ray Vaughan! The Texas Hop style of rhythm will have you and your friends groovin' to the Blues in no time!
  • 14. Bonus: Alternate Texas Blues Shuffle in E
    Learn one of the most popular Texas Blues rhythms of all time: The Texas Blues Shuffle. In this video I'll show you how to impress your friends with an alternate way to play this ever-popular rhythm pattern -- while still making it have that Texas Blues feel!
Author Eric Beaty
Contains Videos, mp3s, ebook
Format Streaming
Length Over 7 hours
Level Intermediate
Provider Texas Blues Guitar
Price $97.88

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Ian Smith

After buying your Texas Blues Guitar course a number of months ago I have just started the course. I am very impressed. After attempting to learn how to play the guitar for the past year I have tried two instructors, two other DVD courses, YouTube, and various online free sites. No one that I have found can touch the way you teach. In short time, your course is giving me hope that someday I will be able to play and understand what in the heck I am doing. Thank you!

February 2013
Reviewed by Jon from Anchorage, AK

Eric, I recently ordered and received your excellent Texas Blues Guitar course. I am very much appreciating your teaching method and style. I am a former music teacher and am used to seeing videos made by persons who assume knowledge and expertise on the part of the student. You do a great job of breaking it down into understandable and learnable pieces.

February 2013
Reviewed by Gregg Bauer

I signed up for Eric’s Texas Blues Guitar course. His lesson plan was thorough and a great learning experience. I would recommend Eric for guitar instruction needs. On top of it all… Eric is a great guy!

February 2013
Reviewed by Peter Stoughton from Hanson, MA

I’d like to take a minute to thank Eric Beaty. Not only is the Texas Blues genre one of my favorite styles of music, but Eric has also managed to cram an impressive amount of detail and information into the course. All the tools are there in a straightforward and easy to understand fashion; from types of gear and typical setups to practicing methodology and the nuts and bolts of the music. It’s a great product.

February 2013

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