Mini Course: Essential Scales & Practice Methods

The first mini-course is taken from the first section of the complete Texas Blues Guitar course. Very little chord knowledge is needed for this course, which is aimed at those who wish to learn improvisational techniques and would like to take their playing to the next level.

In this mini-course you will learn everything you need to know about what is considered the 3 most essential scales to playing Texas Blues Guitar and lead guitar.
You'll even learn how to switch from the Minor Pentatonic Scale to the Major Pentatonic Scale on the fly! Each scale is described in detail so you can know what you're playing.

Here's what's included:
* 3 Comprehensive videos that will cover the Major and Minor Pentatonic scales, the Blues scale, and the Practice Methods to help you learn them fast.
* Audio examples to aid you so that you'll know if what you're playing sounds right or not.
* Detailed Ebook corresponding to the videos and audio examples to tie everything together for the ultimate learning experience!

*Bonus material*
* In-depth audio exercises on how to practice each scale the right way! ($12 value)
* 'Tips, Tricks, & Techniques' video
* Progress Tracker

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Module Details

  • 1. Introduction, Gear, and Minor Pentatonic Scale
    - Basic overview of Texas Blues: How to set up your guitar, which strings and picks to use, how to set up your amp, and which effects you can use such as: Distortion, Rotary, Tube-screamer, Reverb, & Delay.
    - Covers recommended pickups, and which configurations -- like bridge-only, neck-only, or a combination of both -- work best for the type of sound you're looking for.
  • 2. Practice Techniques
    - Begins with 8 simple practice patterns and 5 box-positions of the Pentatonic scale.
    - Covers how to practice the right and wrong way and includes examples to make practice fun and engaging.
  • 3. Major Pentatonic and Blues Scales
    - You'll learn the Major Pentatonic scale and you'll see exactly how it's related to its Minor counterpart.
    - Learn why the box-shapes of the Minor and Major Pentatonic scales are identical.
    - Introduction to the Blues Scale.
    - And, most importantly, you'll learn what makes them all different and how to apply them to your playing.
  • 4. Bonus: Tips, Tricks & Techniques
    This great video, which covers the following, is included in ALL the Texas blues courses!
    - Bring everything together.
    - Further breakdown of techniques discussed in other videos.
    - You'll learn how to be more expressive in your playing.
    - Discover the subtle, often unnoticed details of what separates a good player from a great player.
    - And start to develop your own, unique style.
  • 5. Bonus: 3 Red-Hot Licks
    A primer to my '46 Licks & Solos' section of the complete course and the mini-course of the same name, these 3 Red-Hot Licks are a great addition to any Blues guitarist's bag of tricks! You're sure to amaze your audience with these blistering licks!
  • 6. Bonus: Texas Rake
    Learn a great practice technique I call 'Weaving' that will have your fingers memorizing scale shapes in no time. Also, I'll show you how to take just one standard Blues lick and spice it up using three popular Blues techniques.
    Apply these techniques to other licks you already know and look like a musical genius to your friends!
Author Eric Beaty
Contains Videos, mp3s, ebook
Format Streaming
Length 3 hours
Level Beginners - Intermediate
Provider Texas Blues Guitar
Price $37.13

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