Mini Course: 46 Licks & Solos

The second mini-course is taken from the middle section of the complete course.
Now you can take the Blues, major and minor pentatonic scales you learned previously (available in the first Mini Course) and understand how killer licks are created from each 'box' pattern of those scales and implement them into killer solos! This mini-course breaks down and explains each and every lick so you can fully understand what you're playing!

Here's what's included:
* 4 Comprehensive videos individually breaking down all 46 blistering Texas Blues licks to help you learn them fast and understand how they apply to all the scales that are taught in the course. That way, you can play them in any key, anywhere on the fretboard!
* Audio examples for each and every lick played at regular speed, slowed down, and with added distortion for that authentic, blistering Texas Blues tone.
* Detailed Ebook corresponding to the videos and audio examples to tie everything together for the ultimate learning experience!

*Bonus material*
* 3 full-length jam tracks (recorded on left and right channels so you can play solo or rhythm) and the fully transcribed BONUS solos to each ($15 value)
*'Tips, Tricks, & Techniques' video
* Progress Tracker

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Module Details

  • 1. Licks 1-17
    In this video, and the next 2 modules, you will:
    - Learn 46 classic Texas Lead Licks.
    - Learn exactly where each lick comes from. Which box position it's in, and how to create your own licks, either from scratch, or by just changing a few notes.
    - Learn how to combine licks from the different positions to play a complete lead break.
    - Learn how to recognize repeatable patterns in long solos so you can easily break them down into bite-sized licks for easier comprehension and greater learning.
    - Learn bending techniques like quarter bends, half bends, full bends, one-and-a half bends, double-bends, ghost/pre-bends, and slide into bends (a signature Stevie Ray Vaughan technique).
    - Learn how to use double-stops, hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and vibrato techniques.
    - Learn full-blown Blues solos, in any key, anywhere on the fretboard!
  • 2. Licks 18-22
  • 3. Licks 23-35
  • 4. Licks 36-46 and Major Chords
    - You'll learn 25 Must-Know Blues Chords.
    - Learn the most important Dominant 7th, 9th, 13th chords in both open and closed position.
    - Discover the chords used in Minor Blues like the minor-seventh and minor-ninth, and we'll cover favorite chords like the Stevie-Ray version of the Em7, Dominant 9 flat 5, and the the Dominant 7 sharp 9 that Jimi Hendrix often used.
    - Put all these chords into action in real songs.
    - You'll learn essential Blues rhythms like the Texas-Hop, the Shuffle Blues and the Tin-Pin Style.
    - Learn fast-paced Texas style songs, as well as slow versions of the Minor Blues.
  • 5. Bonus: Tips, Tricks & Techniques
    This great video, which covers the following, is included in ALL the Texas blues courses!
    - Bring everything together.
    - Further breakdown of techniques discussed in other videos.
    - You'll learn how to be more expressive in your playing.
    - Discover the subtle, often unnoticed details of what separates a good player from a great player.
    - And start to develop your own, unique style.
  • 6. Bonus: Repeating Lick Patterns
    Learn the key to dissecting huge solos! Ever wanted to play a blistering Texas Blues solo but saw that the whole thing was so overwhelming that it made you not even want to try to learn it?
    Well, no more, because in this video I'll show you one of the most important techniques to breaking long solos down and making them a breeze to learn!
  • 7. Bonus: Texas Rake
    Learn a great practice technique I call 'Weaving' that will have your fingers memorizing scale shapes in no time. Also, I'll show you how to take just one standard Blues lick and spice it up using three popular Blues techniques.
    Apply these techniques to other licks you already know and look like a musical genius to your friends!
Author Eric Beaty
Contains Videos, mp3s, ebook
Format Streaming
Length 3 hours
Level Intermediate
Provider Texas Blues Guitar
Price $47.32

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