Mastering Now - An Industry Example

Producertech Presents Mastering Now - An Industry Example by Zeitgeist Mastering.

This hour-long lesson is one of the industry example mastering lessons from the full Zeitgeist Mastering course - The Complete Guide - and provides a step- by-step guide to mastering a dance track from start to finish, using predominantly Waves plug-ins.

Module Details

  • 1. An Industry Example - Step-by-step dance track mastering
    This lesson provides an industry example of how to master a dance track from start to finish, using mainly Waves plug-ins, although many of the techniques can also be applied universally to similar effects. The lesson is a single module from the more comprehensive Zeitgeist mastering course - The Complete Guide.
Author Nicholas D'Ombrain
Course Provider Zeitgeist Mastering
Format Streaming
Length 1 hr
Level Intermediate-Advanced
Price $19.05

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Kern from Home Recording Weekly

I liked the videos, and I learned a lot from watching them. Really, I learned a lot more than I thought I would and I recommend them to you. This is the great part about learning, you never know how much you do not know until you learn it.

February 2013

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