Ultimate Live Sound School

The "Ultimate LIVE SOUND School" is the top of the line training for anyone interested in designing, troubleshooting and running a live sound system.

Hosted by David Wills (Sound Guru with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins), this is the one stop training on Live Sound that you've been looking for.

If you have problems understanding how to get Excellent, Consistent Sound out of your PA System, this training resource will give you everything you need to know and a step by step plan to...

* Eliminate Feedback
* Get Crystal Clear Vocals
* Be an EQ Expert
* Run Monitors
* Master Compressors/Gates
* Troubleshoot Impossible Problems
* Design/Upgrade your System.

Whether you run sound at a house of worship or any other live venue, there simply is no other training product like this that takes you through designing, troubleshooting and running your live sound system in such complete way.

**NEW: Includes bonus video + ebooks: EQ & Effects Cookbook, and how to make six figures working in the touring industry**

Module Details

  • 1. Introduction and Outline of the Course
    This module briefly goes over all the material that we'll learn in the Ultimate Live Sound School. We also take a broad overview of what a sound system is and all its pieces.
  • 2. Introduction to Sound Theory
    To form a basis to learn subsequent modules we discover exactly what sound is and how all the dBs and Hz work together. This kind of theory should normally be boring... but we make it fun :)
  • 3. The Equipment
    In this module we discuss how to design systems or be confident when speaking with outside designers. We look at every component of a sound system and understand how they work, what specs to look for and how to put it all together.
  • 4. Setting up the Stage
    The stage is where most of the action is. Learn how to use input boxes, DI boxes, monitor systems, balance vs unbalanced lines. We also look at microphone selection and placement. Even go through a complete demonstration of mic'ing a drum kit.
  • 5. Using a Mixing Console (part 1)
    Over an hour of discovering how to use ANY console on the planet. We start with an analog Mackie mixer to get our bearings and then progress to a typical digital mixer. This section deals with the overview of a mixer and the inputs.
  • 6. Using a Mixing Console (part 2)
    Continuing on from the last part, the section discusses aux sends, uses of effects, monitor mixes, sub-groups and advanced applications. Once you see both sections of this module you'll be able to stare down ANY mixer on the planet.
  • 7. Troubleshooting (part 1)
    The troubleshooting module teaches you how to master and kill the 5 most common problems in Live Sound. No Signal, Feedback, Distortion, Noise & Hum. Using HD graphics and animation we gain a birds eye view of where the problems come up.
  • 8. Troubleshooting (part 2)
    Continuing in the troubleshooting module we look at the number one problem that needs to be killed in your job as a live sound person... Feedback. You learn the 3 major ways to completely eliminate feedback.
  • 9. Mixing (part 1)
    In this breakthrough module you'll literally look over David Wills shoulder as he brings up a mix of a full band with a complete drum kit, bass, guitars (both electric & acoustic), piano & keyboards, vocal and backing vocals.
  • 10. Mixing (part 2)
    The mixing module continues with adding dynamic processors including compressors and gates as well as advanced EQ techniques. There's no other place to see EXACTLY how to EQ a kick drum... a vocal... a piano. MUST SEE module!
  • 11. Recording/Duplication
    With many sound person's responsibilities including recording concerts and church services, this module shows you the best ways to record events. Also how to duplicate and distribute the final recording. Finally a wrap up of all the modules.
  • 12. Bonus: Effects Video
Author David Wills
Contains Videos, ebooks
Format Streaming
Length Over 4.5 hours
Level Beginners-Intermediate
Provider ProAudioDVDs
Price $146.86

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