Ultimate Home Recording School

The Ultimate Home Recording School course is ProAudioDVDs's top of the line training set for the recording musician. Featuring over 6 Hours of Premium Hands On Training to help you master your home recording studio.

Hosted by David Wills (Engineer/Consultant with Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Phil Collins), this is the one stop training on Home Recording that you've been looking for.

Basically, if you've ever wanted to have David spend the weekend at your house and teach you everything he has learned from working over 25 years with the biggest names in the business... this is your ticket to that experience.

Whether you use a software solution like Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic or Reason... or a hardware multitrack recorder, this massive library of training tutorials takes you from novice to expert.

There simply is no other training product like this that takes you through the entire home recording process in such complete way.

**NEW: Includes bonus video + ebooks: EQ & Effects Cookbook, and how to make six figures working in the touring industry**

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Module Details

  • 1. Introduction and Outline of the Course
    This module briefly goes over all the material that we'll learn in the 5 sessions. We also look back and see a brief history of recording from radio to tape to digital.
  • 2. Session 1 - What is Sound?
    To form a basis to learn subsequent modules we discover exactly what sound is and how all the dBs and Hz work together. All the theory that should be boring... but we make it fun :)
  • 3. Session 2 - Recording (part 1)
    In this session we'll learn the 3 rules of recording and dive into Microphone Selection & Placement. Learn how to get a "killer vocal sound" with big studio techniques that you can do in your own home.
  • 4. Session 2 - Recording (part 2)
    The recording section continues as we then move into advanced recording techniques such as alternate takes and vocal comping. Track editing is also discussed in both hardware and software recorders.
  • 5. Session 3 - Effects (part 1)
    Every recording musician and audio engineer must master how to use the 2 broad classes of effects (Corrective & Creative). In this module you'll learn how to use effects like a pro!
  • 6. Session 3 - Effects (part 2)
    Reverb and Delays are discussed and demonstrated in effects loops. Pitch correctors, Harmonizers, are shown as well as the merits of "Printing" effects... or not.
  • 7. Session 4 - Mixing (part 1)
    Mixing is where hits are made. Learn the secrets of EQ, dynamics processing and sound sculpting to get the kind of mix that you've only dreamed of. Look over the shoulder of a master mixer at work.
  • 8. Session 4 - Mixing (part 2)
    The Tonal Spectrum is shown and EQ tricks such as the "Whack a Mole" technique and scooping are demonstrated while taking raw tracks from nothing to a final mix. This mixing module is second to none.
  • 9. Session 5 - Mastering
    In this module you'll be amazed at how your mix can sparkle when processed through mastering effects. You'll also learn creative ways to make a handy side income out of mastering other artists' music.
  • 10. Bonus: Effects Video
Author David Wills
Contains Videos, ebooks
Format Streaming
Length over 6 hours
Level Beginners-Intermediate
Provider ProAudioDVDs
Price $146.86

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Malcolm Gladstone from New South Wales, Australia

The whole role of a good teacher is to instruct from simple to complex, with a minimum of "padding", to ensure that at the end of each section of a training course the student has a complete grasp of the content. David, your course is just that - and was immediately captivated by the breakdown & content of each section of the course. In my opinion, anyone aspiring to tread the - sometimes rocky - path of recording, whether at home or as a entry into the more professional side, should not be without this great instructional tool. Thanks mate, from someone who's been playing - and trying to record stuff - for over 40 years. I'll send you the first CD!! :)

November 2012
Reviewed by Johnathon Oden from La Grange, CA

The information presented in this course is a gold mine!! You’ll find so much concrete information within this course: such as how to create that Big Guitar Sound in your mix, you will be amazed. I would suggest you watch this video more than once, you’ll find excellent info you may have missed. If you're serious about honing your skill when it comes to Home Recording, don’t pass up this opportunity, it is worth every penny.

November 2012

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