Beginner Drum Tutorials

Basic drum beats, fills, technique, practice methods, and rudiments geared towards the absolute beginner.

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Module Details

  • 1. Foot Technique
    Learn various foot techniques to increase speed, dynamics, & efficiency.
  • 2. Beginners Guide to Fills
    Learn what a fill is and how to use them properly.
  • 3. Quarter Note Fills
    Very Simple and efficient drum fills.
  • 4. 8th Note Fills
    Four ready to use 8th note fills broken down.
  • 5. Flam Fills
    Learn to incorporate the flam into common drum kit fills.
  • 6. Beginner Rhythmic Pyramid
    This video takes you through basic rhythms, whole notes through 8th notes.
  • 7. Basic Mambo
    A basic mambo groove broken down along with 2 variations.
  • 8. Bossa Nova
    Bossa Nova groove broken down in a step by step video.
  • 9. Vocalizing Patterns
    Learn how to break apart rhythms by creating your own vocal interpretations.
  • 10. Double Bass
    A great five pattern introduction to double bass drumming.
  • 11. Punk/Ska Grooves
    Learn 2 grooves of each genre.
  • 12. Counting and Following Music
    Develop your skills in counting & ability to keep track of time.
  • 13. Quarter Note Rock Grooves
    Get started with these very universal drum grooves, great for beginners.
  • 14. Quarter Note Rock Grooves 2
    Now we are adding 8th notes to our quarter note rock grooves.
  • 15. Grip Techniques (Matched & Traditional)
    Various grip techniques broken down to help refine & expand your technique.
  • 16. Meter and Subdivision
    Two huge topics broken down in a simple and easy to understand lesson with direct examples.
  • 17. 8th Note Rock Grooves
    Introductory lesson on several 8th note rock grooves.
  • 18. 8th Note Rock Grooves 2
    Expand your grooves by adding accents & open hi hats.
Author Dave Rollans
Format Streaming
Length 1 hour 45 mins
Level Beginners
Provider Interactive Music Teacher
Price $18.94

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