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There are few subjects more confusing than compression. It’s one thing understanding what the various controls do in theory, but quite another to know which ones to tweak to give your sounds more body, even out their dynamics, and bring forth all their detail from the depths of your mixes.

This video pack contains the following 7 audio compression video tutorials and is offered at less than half the price of all the combined individual video packs. Far better than reading any book, the Samplecraze Compression Tutorials train your ears to hear how the sound changes with different compressor settings and types, so you learn how to extract the best results from your own tracks.

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Module Details

  • 1. Compression Primer
    A detailed video tutorial explaining what the features of a compressor are and how to use them.
  • 2. Compressing a Mix
    Nothing is more confusing that the subject of mix compression: Which type to use, how to use them, what effects the different compressor settings impart on the mix, how to use transparent and coloured compression, how to thicken and warm up a mix, how to afford clarity, crispness and detail. These advanced compression techniques will demystify the processes used in attaining professional mix compression.
  • 3. Compressing Rap Vocals
    Compressing rap vocals is both an art and a science. This in-depth video tutorial exposes the advanced techniques and processes used in treating rap vocals with emphasis on dynamic and transient control. Two different rap vocals have been used in this tutorial, each one offering different sonic attributes, delivery and dynamics. Different processes are used in treating each one with clear and concise explanations of all features and techniques used.
  • 4. Compressing RnB Vocals
    There is nothing more complex or dynamic than the human voice. How to compress RnB vocals, both male and female, is something that seems to be shrouded in complex mystery. But that is not the case with this tutorial. All the advanced compression techniques used by producers are explained here with emphasis on the use of sub circuits and how they impact the rendered waveforms, colouration using distortion and saturation, peak and low level transient control, release hold function use and impact on transient control and so on... Both male and female vocals have been used so as to afford you complete insight into the different treatments and processes involved in RnB vocal compression.
  • 5. Compressing Drum Loops
    Compressing drum loops would seem to be both obvious and simple and yet there are so many factors to consider that it can become confusing and daunting. Reshaping drum loops from simple gain structuring to emphasizing different drum elements within the loop. This tutorial covers all aspects of drum loop compression from isolating kicks, snares, claps and hi hat, and bringing them forward in the mix, to mauling the drum loop into a new texture. Additional advanced techniques are shown in how to treat a drum loop for genre specific projects by boosting the low end for dance and hip hop, to making the mid and high end crispier and snappier, from making the loop sound 'dry' to making it sound as if it is shrouded in reverb. A thorough explanation of the processes and techniques involved, plus a deep insight into dynamics and transient control, make this video a valuable resource for all levels of knowledge. All this from using a single compressor.
  • 6. Compressing Drum Hits
    The secrets of drum sound design are revealed in this detailed video tutorial. Reshaping existing drum hits to create new sonic textures by using a compressor has been the mainstay of many sound designers. Controlling and mauling frequencies and transients is a sure fire way to add life into your drum samples or to create completely new ones. Simple exercises like creating hard booming kick drums from a simple dead acoustic drum sample are but a few of the examples covered. Understanding the processes and techniques entailed into creating new drum textures requires a deep understanding of both waveform theory and compressor features, and all this is exposed in this video tutorial.
  • 7. Compressing a Plucked Instrument
    After the human voice there is nothing more complicated to treat than a plucked instrument that is rich in dynamics and harmonics. How do you compress such an instrument without compromising the structure, dynamics and harmonic content? How do you deal with the pluck of the instrument, the sustain and decay of the body and the tail without compromising any or all of the transient content? The methods and processes used are all covered in this video tutorial. Deep explanations of dynamics and waveform theory, coupled with advanced use of the features of a compressor make this video tutorial a must have for serious producers. From transparent to coloured processing, normal to vintage knee curves, transient control release to predetermined release values, extreme to controlled peak and low level transient control, and much more are covered in this tutorial.
Provider Samplecraze
Author Eddie Bazil
Contains Videos
Format Streaming
Length 2 hours 48 mins
Level Intermediate
Price $15.78

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