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A must for anyone wanting to DJ or perform live in Ableton.
Includes 17 in-depth videos on warping, organising files, setting up midi controllers (including APC40) and lots more!
As a free bonus, it also includes the Ebook "Mixing with your Mind - Make your best DJ Mix" plus 3 free extra videos.

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Module Details

  • 1. DJing Live in the Session Window 1
    This gives you a look at how someone who is comfortable to traditional DJing (Vinyl or CD's) can get their head around Ableton's approach. In this video I take you through how to send a cue to your headphones so you can hear one or more songs while another song is playing. I show you how to use Ableton's crossfader as well as its faders for mixing.
  • 2. DJing Live in the Session Window 2
    In this video, I show you how to set up your basic EQing & FX for each track (think of each track as a separate turntable). This includes how to assign certain effect parameters, knobs & buttons to a midi controller. I show you the advantages to using return tracks for certain effects. I also get in to live looping on your songs.
  • 3. DJing Live in the Session Window 3
    In this video you'll learn how to set separate mixing points for your songs so you can have immediate access to any part of your song (for example: intro, bass drop, breakdown, meat of the track, outro). I get into how to save these clip settings, so you can have access to them at any future time. I also go a little further on setting up loop points as well as a bit more on mixing & EQs.
  • 4. DJing Live in the Session Window 4
    This video shows you how to assign each of your song tracks to a different channel on a physical DJ mixer, just like you would with turntables or CD players for a more traditional approach.
  • 5. DJing Live in the Session Window 5
    In this video I get into some easy ways to set up Ableton's Auto Filter & Beat Repeat effects for DJing. I also show you how to group your effects and assign Macros. Macros allow you to assign more than one parameter to a knob, some with a twist of a knob, you can achieve more complex results.
  • 6. Warping a song with Autowarp (for Ableton 7 users)
    This is a quick video for those who still use Ableton version 7. I get into using Ableton's Autowarp feature. Although far from perfect, it can simplify the process in some cases.
  • 7. Warping the hard way (for Ableton 7 users)
    This is another video for Ableton 7 users & shows a longer, but more accurate approach to warping a song.
  • 8. Warping in Ableton 8
    This walks you through the differences between the Ableton 7 approach & the Ableton 8 approach of warping songs. You'll learn where all the tools are & what they do.
  • 9. Warping songs with Live Drummers
    Warping a song can be tricky when the tempo changes throughout a song due to the imperfects of a live drummer. This will help you solve some of the more complex issues you might come across.
  • 10. Warpless mixing
    There is a little known technique for mixing songs without the need to warp your songs. Although it's not a popular approach, I know some people who have had quite a bit of success with it.
  • 11. Organising files for DJing
    There is nothing worse than being unorganized for performing a live DJ set. This can negatively affect your enjoyment & effectiveness in the clubs. This video gives you some simple ways to have easy access to the files you need the most in a live situation.
  • 12. Launching Clips without a mouse
    Although there are several midi controllers that have clip launching grids, this approach shows you how to assign a knob to scroll through all your clips to select the clip of your choice & launch it with another knob or button. In some cases, I like the approach better than using a launching grid (like the APC40 has).
  • 13. Macro Controls
    This dives into how to set several parameters to one knob. It also makes things much easier if you have automapping on your midi controller (although not necessary).
  • 14. Setting up controllers knobs and keys
    This dives deeper into how to assign knobs, buttons, faders, synth keys or QWERTY keys to Ableton parameters. It's truly the most user friendly program I've run into for midi assignments.
  • 15. Preparing your productions for live performance
    This shows you how to take a song or remix you've created in Ableton (or any other program) and break it down into several clips over several groups of instruments. This gives you insane amounts of flexibility with rearranging your songs & creating completely new ways to present your music live. This is huge!
  • 16. Syncing Ableton on 2 computers
    This video walks you through all the steps to get one laptop to sync to another laptop for live performance. This allows you and a partner to DJ together each on your own laptop with your own DJing preferences. This will lock your performances for perfect blends as if it was all happening on 1 computer.
  • 17. APC40 setup
    In this video, I walk you through how I set up my APC40 for DJing. This shows you all the custom tweaks that will make the APC40 work moor seamlessly & give you much more flexibility. You'll really like the video if you have or are considering getting this controller. It will also give you ideas for whatever your preferred controller happens to be.
  • 18. Sidechain EQing in Ableton
    In this video, I show you a simple approach to never having to worry about the bass of your songs clashing in a DJ set. Essentially, this will automatically turn down the bass EQ of one song while bring up the bass EQ in the new song you are mixing in. This will allow you to concentrate on other aspects of your mix.
  • 19. APC40 quick setup
    This video is an approach to get you up & running on your APC40 within 15 minutes. Once it's set up as a template, you'll always be up and ready to go play a gig.
  • 20. Performing songs with loops
    This is a followup to performing your own songs live. This shows you how I break my songs down to up to 40 loops that I can mix and match with my other songs, allowing for live remixing & completely new interpretations of my work. This is really powerful & will certainly set you apart from the more traditional DJs.
  • 21. Creating a DJ mix in the arrange window
    This is a simple walkthrough of how you can construct a DJ mix track by track in Ableton's arrange window. This is how most DJs are doing their radio shows or podcasts.
  • 22. Bonus: Creating a DJ mix in Ableton's arrange window part 1 (day 27)
    This is 2 hours 45 minutes of video, walking you through the process of making a complete DJ mix from start to finish. You'll see every effect, EQ automation and mixing technique used to get the final result. It doesn't get more detailed than this!
  • 23. Bonus: Creating a DJ mix in Ableton's arrange window part 2 (day 28)
  • 24. Bonus: Creating a DJ mix in Ableton's arrange window part 3 (day 29)
  • 25. Bonus: Creating a DJ mix in Ableton's arrange window part 4 (day 30)
Author Jason Ward (aka Jason Timothy)
Contains Videos, ebook
Length 4 hours 21 mins
Level Beginners, Intermediate
Provider Music Software Training
Price $36.32

Customer Reviews

Your teaching software is marvellous...
Reviewed by Dr. Arora MP Singh from Mumbai, India

Hello Jason,
Your teaching software is marvellous. All praises for the efforts you have taken to teach so many new upgrowing music innovators. I have just started learning and at my age of 53, I feel I am at school again, and the ease with which I can follow the software has made me believe that an old growing parrot can also learn music lol (from your help and wisdom).

August 2011

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