EQ: Uncovered Ebook

EQ: Uncovered Ebook

How many times have you wanted a simple, clear explanation of EQ, but instead been confused by all the endless technical jargon? How many times have you sat there scratching your head, wanting to EQ your drums, vocals and the whole mix, but not known where to start? Do you know what sound you want, but always find yourself just aimlessly twiddling knobs and hoping for the best?
Wouldn't it be better if you could just understand EQ and apply that knowledge quickly and effectively to any mix, just like a seasoned pro?

EQ uncovered is a 131 page ebook crammed to the hilt with easy-to-understand, walk through examples utilizing screen shots and audio examples with huge amounts of mouthwatering pro tips, exposing the secrets that today's producers use to create their quality mixes.
This product is a digital ebook in PDF format - it is not a video. To view the contents of the E-book you will need the free Adobe acrobat reader.

Module Details

Provider Samplecraze
Author Eddie Bazil
Contains ebook, audio files
Format Download
Length 131 pages
Level Intermediate
Price $12.62

Customer Reviews

A recommended read...
Reviewed by MusicTech

A recommended read for both beginner and intermediate recording enthusiasts.

October 2011

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