Loudness Normalization & Metering

On the first glance the topic 'metering' may sound a bit dry to you but as soon you dive into this topic it emerges as very interesting and essential for your daily working practice.

Everybody working with digital audio should have this basic knowledge and if you have ever asked yourself questions like 'What is the difference between SPPM and TPL?', 'What is LRA?' or 'How can I deliver a proper mix for TV Broadcast use?' you are exactly right here.

This video will enhance the audio quality for all kinds of productions but is especially dedicated to all engineers who need to deliver audio in compliance with the latest international loudness standards. Have this in mind: The whole world of audio measurement is currently changing. If you want to grasp the new world, this is your video! It includes all relevant information on Peak, Loudness and Dynamic measurement plus practical guidelines on how to implement the knowledge into your workflow.

Module Details

  • 1. Introduction into Audio Metering
    Introduction into metering basics and overview on the current global developments of metering standards
  • 2. Peak Measurement (QPPM, SPPM, TPL)
    The development of peak measurement from QPPM through SPPM to TPL and the challenges with interleaved sample overs
  • 3. Loudness Measurement (BS.1770 Integrated, Momentary & Short-term Loudness)
    All about loudness measurement and practical advice how to use the different new parameters Short-term, Momentary and Integrated Loudness
  • 4. Loudness Range LRA
    What is Loudness Range and how to apply LRA values in a meaningful manner to working practice
  • 5. Specifics regarding leveling of commercials & trailers
    Specifics regarding commercials & trailers and how to interpret Max Momenary and Max Short-term values
  • 6. R128 versus ATSC
    EBU Recommendation R128 versus ATSC Working Practice A/85
  • 7. Background and psycho-acoustic considerations
    Complementary background information and psycho-acoustic considerations - the importance of Transients for speech comprehensibility
  • 8. CALM act, BCAP rules and other legal regulations
    BCAP rules, CALM act and other regulations, summary and metering solutions
  • 9. Bonus: Nugen VisLM-H explained
    Nugen Audio VisLM-H Loudness Meter explained by Friedemann Tischmeyer
  • 10. Bonus: Steinberg SLM 128 explained
    Free Loudness Meter by Steinberg, explained by Friedemann Tischmeyer
Author Friedemann Tischmeyer
Contains Videos
Format Streaming
Length Over 3 hours
Level Intermediate to advanced
Provider Tischmeyer Publishing
Price $105.86

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Paul from Sweden

With this video I was able to get rid of all the confusion around the different metering terms for the first time. Especially the knowledge about peaks and the potential risk of overs and distortion if treated wrong has had a huge impact on the quality of my daily work. Keep on the great work!

November 2012

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