Rock & Pop Guitar Stage 3

In Stage 3 we go beyond the basic chords and begin to explore extended chords, chord shapes further up the neck some strumming patterns, string bending and even your first lead guitar solo.

This online guitar instruction is a distillation of the live courses that Musicademy has taught to thousands of people. They are arranged in stages that will methodically develop your guitar skills in a step by step way. Each lesson should give you around 1 to 2 weeks learning if you are new to the techniques being shown. Each stage is designed to last a standard term or semester, so generally you should be able to master 3 stages per year if you practice a little every day.

Each 15-30 minute lesson will teach you all the relevant guitar chords, licks, riffs and strumming patterns to enable you to master the song.

Module Details

  • 1. Wonderwall – Oasis
    Make extended chords such as Em7, Dsus4 and A7sus4 easy by learning about one finger changes and learn the proper strumming pattern to play alongside the original track
  • 2. California – Phantom Planet (The OC Theme tune)
    Mix power chords with open strings and learn how to play your first bar chord.
  • 3. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana
    Your first guitar solo. Play it note for note just like the original! We break it down step by step and show you how to do slides and string bends
  • 4. Teenage Kicks – The Undertones
    Learn the right strumming pattern and chords to get another classic rock song under your belt. Great for electric or acoustic guitar
  • 5. Angels – Robbie Williams
    By learning this song you will understand how to mix power chords with open strings to play lots of songs in the key of E
  • 6. Day Dream Believer – Monkees
    Learn B minor the easy way plus we show you how to switch strumming patterns, play chord based riffs, understand slash chords and learn another great acoustic track!
  • 7. Teenage Dirtbag – Wheatus
    Learn this song note for note and understand how to change bass notes and play riffs using chord shapes. We break down each section so you won’t miss a note!
  • 8. Preview - Wonderwall
Author Andy Chamberlain
Contains Videos
Format Streaming
Length 2 hours 31 mins
Level Beginners
Provider Musicademy
Price $44.13

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