Beginners Electric Guitar Course

No previous experience or knowledge needed.

This course takes you right from complete beginner stage and doesn’t require any knowledge of music whatsoever. All you need is an electric guitar and amplifier to hand and we’re ready to go!

Course comprises: 10 video lessons on technique, 7 video lessons on specific songs (Teenage Kicks, introductions to Smoke on the Water, Come as You Are, Sunshine of your Love, Sultans of Swing, Hey Joe and Layla), 18 Printouts.

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Module Details

  • 1. Course Introduction
    Introduction to the course
  • 2. Make friends with your electric guitar
    Figure out what all the knobs and switches do and gain an appreciation of how your guitar and amplifier work together to produce sound.
  • 3. How to play the amplifier
    Learn to play the amplifier – understand how to adjust your amp to get the sound that best suits the music you want to play.
  • 4. Name that string, number that fret
    Understand the names and numbers of the strings and frets.
  • 5. Nice notes, not nasty notes
    Make nice clean sounding notes instead of “dead” or “buzzy” sounding ones and make some nice grungy sounding notes too!
  • 6. How to tune the electric guitar
    Tune the guitar by ear as well as by tuning machine.
  • 7. How not to get lost on the fretboard
  • 8. How to learn chord shapes
    Play basic open chord shapes and read chord diagrams.
  • 9. How to change chords quickly
    Change chords quickly without going out of time.
  • 10. How to read tabs
    Reading guitar tabs will allow you access to the millions of songs available on internet guitar tab sites.
  • 11. Perfecting power chords
    Play power chords – the key to many rhythm guitar parts in rock songs.
  • 12. Teenage Kicks - The Undertones
  • 13. Intro to Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple
  • 14. Intro to Come as You Are - Nirvana
  • 15. Intro to Sunshine of Your Love - Cream
  • 16. Intro to Sultans of Swing - Dire Straits
  • 17. Intro to Hey Joe - Jimi Hendrix
  • 18. Intro to Layla - Eric Clapton
Author Nick Minnion
Contains Videos, printouts
Format Streaming
Length 3 hours 7 mins
Level Beginners
Provider Secret Guitar Teacher
Price $22.97

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