Intermediate Drum Tutorials

The essential rudiments (flams, drags, paradiddles, etc.), Jazz/Brushes videos, World music beats and more!

Module Details

  • 1. Advanced Subdivision Pyramid
    This video takes you through a few more advanced subdivisions in a pyramid exercise.
  • 2. Triplet Fills
    Many times a triplet fell in a song calls for completely different fill, here are some ready to use examples.
  • 3. 16th Note Fills
    Four fills broken down and learn how to create your own fills using 16th notes.
  • 4. Improvising Grooves
    Four different drum groove examples to help you explore beat improvisation.
  • 5. 16th Note Grooves
    Basic 16th note grooves broken down.
  • 6. Shuffles
    Learn some of the most common shuffle grooves.
  • 7. 6/8 Time & Grooves
    Three groove examples and 2 fill examples in 6/8 time.
  • 8. Brush Swing Grooves
    Regular swing, ¾ waltz, and upbeat swing brush grooves broken down.
  • 9. Brush Grooves
    Funk, Bossa Nova, and 6/8 Brush grooves broken down.
  • 10. Jazz
    Exercises & 2 grooves to help you get started in Jazz.
  • 11. Jazz Comping 1
    “Comping” explained & several exercises to help you get started in jazz comping.
  • 12. Trading 4's
    Trade four bars of groove back and forth with dave, also trading 4's soloing explained.
  • 13. Reggae
    Two different reggae feels demonstrated with variations.
  • 14. Mozambique
    Mozambique groove broken down along with 2 variations.
  • 15. Nanigo
    Nanigo 6/8 Afro Cuban groove broken down along with 1 variation.
  • 16. Samba
    Samba groove broken down along with 2 variations.
  • 17. Mambo 2
    Advanced Mambo groove broken down along with a left foot hi hat splash variation.
  • 18. Funk Grooves
    Five funk grooves broken down.
  • 19. Singles Technique
    Single stroke roll techniques broken down to help you increase speed, efficiency & control.
  • 20. Double Techniques
    Double Stroke roll techniques broken down to help you increase speed, efficiency & control.
  • 21. Paradiddles
    Rudiments: Paradiddle, Double Paradiddle, Triple Paradiddle, and Single Paradiddle-diddle.
  • 22. Polyrhythms - 3 over 4
    Four patterns to get you more acquainted with 3 over 4 polyrhythms.
  • 23. Multiple Bounce & Triple Stroke Rolls
    Rudiments: Multiple Bounce exercises & Triple stroke Roll.
  • 24. Single Stroke Rolls
    Rudiments: Single Stroke Rolls, Single Stroke Four, and Single Stroke Seven.
  • 25. Double Stroke Rolls 1
    Rudiments: Double Stroke Open Roll, Five Stroke Roll, Six Stroke Roll, Seven Stroke Roll, and Nine Stroke Roll.
  • 26. Double Stroke Rolls 2
    Rudiments: Ten Stroke Roll, Eleven Stroke Roll, Thirteen Stroke Roll, Fifteen Stroke Roll, and Seventeen Stroke Roll.
  • 27. Flams 1
    Rudiments: Flam, Flam Accent, and Flam Tap.
  • 28. Flams 2
    Rudiments: Flamacue, Flam Paradiddle, Single Flammed Mill, and Flam Paradiddle-diddle.
  • 29. Flams 3
    Rudiments: Pataflafla, Swiss Army Triplet, Inverted Flam Taps, and Flam Drags.
  • 30. Drags 1
    Rudiments: Drag, Single Drag Tap, Double Drag Tap, Lesson 25, and Single Dragadiddle.
  • 31. Drags 2
    Rudiments: Drag Paradiddle #1, Drag Paradiddle #2, Single Ratamacue, Double Ratamacue, and Triple Ratamacue.
Author Dave Rollans
Course Provider Interactive Music Teacher
Format Streaming
Length 2 hours 52 mins
Level Intermediate, Advanced
Price $31.58

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