Worship Bass Guitar Song Learner Collection

The Song Learner Series is designed for any bass player who wants to learn great parts to well known worship songs and improve their range of styles and techniques.

The Song Learner Series turns a worship song into a 20 minute bass lesson. Every lesson will help you unlock great bass parts used in the original recordings, and give you hints, tips and techniques which you can instantly apply to many other songs.

Tutor Matt Weeks guides you through the song in a step by step manner and is joined at the end of the lesson by guitarist Andy Chamberlain so you can put all your worship bass instruction together in a play through of the song.

The first five lessons are straight forward and should be accessible to relatively new players. The next lessons then get progressively more challenging.

Module Details

  • 1. Above All
    Make complex chord changes easy by combining passing notes, scalic runs and octaves to create fluid bass lines.
  • 2. Everlasting God
    Learn bass licks that work with the opening guitar riff & develop your left hand technique whilst using 10ths, melody & harmony lines
  • 3. God of Wonders
    Develop your 16th note rhythms whilst using passing notes, arpeggios and string rakes. Great for stretching your knowledge of playing in Ab whilst developing right & left hand technique
  • 4. Happy Day
    Learn to develop that authentic rock sound using open and fretted 8th notes, slides, octaves pentatonic fills and passing notes.
  • 5. Holy is the Lord
    Combine major scale positional playing with understanding how to select the right 8th note groove to develop tasteful bass parts with great feel
  • 6. How Great is Our God
    Using the major scale shape together with passing notes, arpeggios, 16th note rhythms and changing dynamics.
  • 7. In Christ Alone
    Learn a great bass part to this modern hymn and develop positional playing and economy of finger movement in Eb using passing notes, harmony lines that work tastefully with the melody and pedal notes for creating dynamics.
  • 8. Indescribable
    Learn to work in smooth voice leading parts, passing notes, scalic runs, inversions and arpeggios into a song with 6/8 rhythms.
  • 9. Offering
    This challenging melodic bass part will advance the skills of both beginner and intermediate worship bass players by combining harmony lines and positional playing in multiple octaves whilst teaching you a great intro riff to this Paul Baloche song.
  • 10. Oh Happy Day
    A great intermediate level lesson for gospel fans! Learn how to create funky bass lines combining chromatic runs, 10ths, string skipping, muting, and b7th chords by mastering this challenging bass part to this traditional gospel hymn.
  • 11. Oh The Wonderful Cross
    Develop right hand technique and learn how to use drone notes, octaves, slides and hammer-ons to create great rock bass parts.
  • 12. What a Friend I've Found
    Increase your knowledge of 10ths, inversions and harmony lines and master four different dynamic approaches to add beauty to this classic Delirious song.
  • 13. Whole World In His Hands (When All Around is Fading)
    Learn how to use the b7th to create fluid rock basslines whilst combining damping techniques, arpeggios, pentatonic licks, slides and hammer-ons.
  • 14. You Never Let Go
    Develop your rock playing style and learn how to integrate melodic runs, useful pentatonic licks and octave slides into this tasteful and interesting bass part.
  • 15. Your Love is Amazing
    Teaching damping techniques on bass
Author Matt Weeks
Contains Videos
Format Streaming
Length 4 hours
Level Intermediate
Provider Musicademy
Price $94.56

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Okazu

I took lessons when I was beginning, and now that I'm playing in my church praise band, these lessons are helping me grow to the next level. The mix of lessons, interviews and tips helps develop technique and skill, as well as the mental approaches to playing. I suggest working through the entire series several times, taking notes and applying what you learn to playing your favorite songs. This will keep you motivated and you'll hear progress each time you visit the series. Then go back and tackle the most challenging lessons until you master them. In the end, it still comes down to practice. If you can, record yourself so you can hear the difference. Enjoy these lessons!

October 2012
Reviewed by Manland2319

I highly recommend this course. You can go at your own pace and go back and practice things over and over if you want, or skip parts you don't want to see again. I think it's much more useful than a seminar that flies by too fast.

October 2012
Reviewed by Drum Guy55

Very informative and easy to use at my own pace and at my own time. I learn something new everytime I view them. Honestly, for the money, they are a wealth of musical instruction.

October 2012
Reviewed by Julie

These are fantastic lessons. They don't just teach you how to play a few songs, they teach you principles and techniques that can transfer over to many, many songs.

October 2012

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