Beginning Bass Guitar Lessons

Now You Can Discover: Notes on the Bass, Major Scales, Right Hand Technique, Blues Progressions, Live Performance Tips.

Also includes on-screen tablature, multiple camera angles, and a password for exclusive access to online features.

Tony Saunders has performed and recorded with countless well-known artists including: Eric Clapton, Stevie Wonder, Elton John and many more! In Beginning Bass, Tony gives 4 and 5 string beginning players an up close detailed course in the fundamentals of beginning bass playing.

Module Details

  • 1. Introduction
    Tony gives you a brief history of his many decades as a professional bass player. He also introduces you to the parts and the strings of your bass guitar and discusses the importance of creating a strong foundation for becoming a solid player.
  • 2. Basic Bass Fingering
    Tony shares important tips for having hand dexterity and gets you going on your first steps into playing the bass.
  • 3. Right Hand Position
    Correct hand and forearm placement is critical as Tony shows you the proper position techniques for your right hand.
  • 4. Notes On The Bass
    Tony guides you through your first steps in note reading and understanding time signatures.
  • 5. Playing With A Band
    Tony demonstrates diverse musical styles to demonstrate the important aspects of successfully playing with a band.
  • 6. Major Scales
    Playing scales is a crucial step in your learning and Tony gives you an easy step-by-step breakdown.
  • 7. Blues Progressions
    Learn the most recognizable progression used in music, the "Blues Progression".
  • 8. Basic Thumb Technique
    "Slap Bass Playing" is a commonly used technique amongst experienced musicians. Tony covers various techniques used in this style of bass playing.
  • 9. Playing With A Band Part 2
    Tony, along with guitarist Patricia Wilder, demonstrates how the bass player can control the style and tempo of the band by using bass lines from various genres.
  • 10. Credits
  • 11. Bonus Lesson: Open Hand Playing
    Tony discusses using your open hand to accentuate your bass lines.
Author Tony Saunders
Contains Videos
Format Streaming
Length 90 minutes
Level Beginners
Provider Live to Jam
Price $23.70

Customer Reviews

Reviewed by Jessie James Jones III

Great instructional video for new aspiring bass players. Shows the fundamentals in easy to understand language. Just great.

December 2012

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